I think I am original. It’s almost my trademark. I rarely copy images or photos, or even draw “real” things. I don’t like copying people and that’s probably why or because I hate when people copy me. I guess there’s more that can be justified as a mistake in something that can be compared to something else than in a totally original idea. An original idea is more vague an more comfortable for me. Of course a picture “of something” is limited in comparison to an original idea. Am I scared of being compared to reality or do I just feel like more legitimate of an artist when I make my own imaginings a reality? Undoubtably I will always prefer total creation to duplication, but being able to translate reality into my own imaginings is a good skill to have.

This picture is one of my few duplicate images and even fewer self portraits. Usually I just draw something from my imagination.



One thought on “Originality

  1. Ah! Cousin this is sooooooooo good!!!!!!! I have to send you one of my drawings of something really cool. But I dunno how 🙂 hope to see y’all soon Dani

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