Is Ignorance Bliss?

According to the saying, ignorance is bliss. This idea, knowingly or not, has been debated for as long as I can remember and probably forever. The saying, however, does not say whether or not bliss is desirable. Would bliss be at all worth the ignorance if it was severed by a hard smack of reality, followed by “learning a lesson”? From personal experience I know that ignorance really is bliss… While it lasts. And once the bliss is over, you learn your lesson and pay the piper. Anyway, why have a blissful life all the time, with ditches if disappointment here and there? Bliss all the time would eventually feel monotonous- and once that happens happiness is unattainable. I would rather live in the real world, where the climb is hard but the occasional summit is overwhelmingly satisfying, than in a fake world, where no one cares about anything and eyes are always only half-open and smiles grow on trees, because when you wake up your real world is even more messed up. Why? You hadn’t been trimming the bushes that whole time.
In short I like honest satisfaction more than a sickly sweet lie.
Yes. Ignorance is bliss.


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