The Girl in the Corner

It’s me, the girl in the corner.
Sometimes people come over and start awkward conversations with me, which plummet to the ground.
“Hey, want to go in the pool?”
“Umm, maybe later.” (I’ll just wait here and listen to other peoples conversations)
Yes, I have experienced engaging conversations before. Deep down I know that people aren’t toxic, but are, in fact, beneficial to my happiness. But I stay put. I think. I sing in my head. I observe interesting people. I eat.
“Hey, everyone is in the pool.”
I stay put.
“Wow, this cake is good!”
“Oh, thanks.”
I draw or write… like I am now. Inactively. If I’m lucky, someone will complement my drawing.
“Wow, that’s really good. Like really.
“Hey, thanks.” I smile and blush.
“So, do you take lessons?”
“No, not really…”
That would be the highlight of the party.
I make rounds, stopping by people I know.
“How’re you doing?”
“Pretty good.”
“What’s up?”
“Nothing,” I shrug.
I walk out and watch people swim. I listen to people laugh at other people’s jokes.

I have yet to tell everyone that I wouldn’t mind getting pushed in.


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