The Secret to Happiness

What is the secret to happiness??

How important is happiness, anyway?
I know the title to this post is not very encouraging, (really? Another person pretending they know everything?) but hear me out. Something I hear a lot is that you need to take care of yourself first… Which is code for the justification of selfishness. I got to thinking, is happiness really worth ignoring others? So, yeah, the title is not quite accurate, but it was the base to the real question. Yes, happiness sounds like a brilliant idea at first, like jumping the grand canyon, but it lasts about as long as the guy who tried to jump the grand canyon. Seriously, when does the sports career live forever, the shiny car last that long, or the ice cream stay right where you want it, frozen in the moment on your tongue? Even if you take the extra care to preserve your precious things, relationships, innocence, whatever the case is, the thing that meant so much at first and made you happy is just work, and you’re just sinking deeper in the black hole. Your happiness will be existent, don’t get me wrong, but it’s thin and short lived.
A good friend and role model (if he’s reading this, my face is the color of a moldy tomato) told me that the real goal should be joy. Happiness comes from things but joy is somewhere in the self perpetuating circle of contentment. Happiness is not all its cracked up to be. Joy, however, is the real deal. To turn the idea of happiness on its head, I’ll say that you can only draw happiness from more, more, more, and then it’s flimsy, transparent, and fragile, but true joy can only be drawn from contentment.
Hint: contentment is never born from getting more or better things


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