If I Die Tomorrow

Why is it that most of my thinking goes on at night? Am I just more creative when I need sleep? Doubtful. Yeah, its a rhetorical question, but hey, I’ll try to answer it anyway. Sometimes I feel like I’ve done nothing memorable. If I die tomorrow, I want my friends and family to remember me for more than being that girl who died so young (such a shame). I want them to have something to remember, not just my birthday, or a Christmas card I bought them. I want to create words for memoirs, but how can that be possible if I don’t write them? I can’t make moments that survive by simply surviving. If I die tomorrow, I want my mind remembered for what it is, not for the few things I had the courage to say/draw/write/cook/create, etc. At the end of the day, I feel panicked. Have I done anything at all, much less a significant amount? My ideas clog my brain and I think, why didn’t I get all this out when I had the chance? Why didn’t I do this, or make this happen? I scold myself; Come on! You wasted a chance to make a difference! If I die tomorrow, my thoughts will be irrelevant. Worthless. Nonexistent, even. They would have been precious if I had let them come out into the world. But in the tomorrow where when I die, they’re dead with me.


One thought on “If I Die Tomorrow

  1. Write, write, write!! Draw, draw, draw!! Create, create, create!! Love, love, love!!! And continue to participate in everything that surrounds you so that you are overflowing with inspiration to do all of that!!!

    You are correct in saying you will not be remembered for just your thoughts. You will also be remembered for how you have made us feel loved by your smile, hugs, and the beauty you have left behind. You ARE more than your thoughts. Your love for those who surround you has been deposited in to the hearts and lives of those you have touched.

    The decision to do something and pick up a pencil, ink, paint, thread – whatever medium you choose, is an act of creating! But we cannot forget that the decision to LOVE is an act of creating as well!!! The act of Art is an outpouring of yourself, and you leave a mark of who you are. But so is the act of LOVE an outpouring of yourself. So more importantly, as we are gifted another day on this Earth, let us remember to love, love, love!!! Then all our other choices to create will make a mark in those we have touched because of our love for them.

    And last of all, you are loved – here and in Eternity.

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