Just for Kicks

Here’s the deal.
Honestly, I cannot guarantee that you will enjoy the upcoming text. It’s just random facts and tidbits about my experience during NaNoWriMo. If you don’t think you will enjoy something as time wasting as that, you can just skip to the end, where I will post a picture of unrevealed identity. Enjoy!

Nanowrimo is the oddest experience, at least in writing, that has ever come my way. As a virtually unaccomplished teen, I didn’t have much of a starting point on which have a platform for a book, but that also means that I had nothing to lose when I got started. Over the last month, I have fallen in love with the characters in my book and feel like they themselves have grown up into actual… people.

Food and drink. This is a list of things I consumed on this journey. Trust me, it gets better.
Cucumbers. Lots of ’em. So refreshing, yet so not unhealthy, but I’ll stop there.
Candy. Yes, it was left over from halloween. Don’t judge.
Hot chocolate milk. For this I had to concoct a recipe myself, because where are you supposed to find a recipe for one serving of hot chocolate? I microwaved milk and mixed in cocoa powder and sugar. I don’t like coffee.
Peanut butter milk (my own invention). Same thing for the hot chocolate milk, but with peanut butter. Not bad, not bad at all.
Water. This is my favorite beverage.

Sound track. This is the music I listened to when writing my nano-novel.
Regina Spektor, my new favorite artist. I love her poetic lyrics and style.
Christina Perry. Also amazing, and great inspiration for dramatic scenes.
Disney. Oh, you know what I’m talking about. Colors of the wind, by Pocahontas. Great stuff right there.
Classical music. Oh, yes. Today, classical music is not given the recognition it deserves. Besides being great for movie sound tracks, classical music is great on its own right. And it’s fun to imagine the movie version of your book with a dramatic film score in the background.
Song I was listening to at the finish line: Eleanor Rigby, by the Beatles, strings only. So awesome.

Side affects. This is the explanation that is not needed for this title.
Post-nano depression. I miss my characters, okay? I feel like I just lost my favorite playmate.
Extra time. Now that whole hours of my day are free now, I have no idea what to do with myself. Read someone else’s book, maybe? Right after finishing nanowrimo I started knitting a hat.
Obsession with my characters. Maybe it was just for the day after I hit fifty thousand words, but all I felt like drawing were characters for my book.
Word count anxiety. Ever since that long period of time in which my goal was to meet a certain word quota, I have been nervously adding words to my sentences. This means eliminating hiphons, separating contractions, and all of the above (in stead of etc.)

Where I wrote: on my bed, with ear buds and my dad’s iPad. The old one.

Here is the previously promised picture.



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