The Foothold

Everyone needs someone to fall back on. A foothold. Batman needed Alfred. Peter Pan needed the lost boys. These people aren’t the sidekicks. Sidekicks get to be on posters with the Superheros. Footholds aren’t variable, they are accountable. They are the characters in the “me show” who aren’t the main characters, but without which the show would be horrible and meaningless.They are just what the superhero needs… a real hero. These footholds seem to be angels in disguise because they instinctively know when a smile is needed or when a grave nod is needed. Selfless, they are blind to their own problems as they help their corresponding superhero- and thus, I think, their problems disappear. Being human, theoretically, these footholds sometimes get weary. They aren’t china dolls (emotionless) so they can cry or yell or get frustrated, but they never give up or give in. The sad thing is that a foothold never knows he or she is a foothold, otherwise the selflessness would disappear. Being invisible to all people means that a foothold cannot even see him- or herself. this type of person is in high demand and low supply.

Therefore, if you have a foothold consider yourself lucky. It’s up to you to keep your foothold ignorant his or her position. What’s best for your foothold is to let them know, but you may lose your foothold, never to find another. Everyone needs one needs one, but only a select , enviable, lucky few have one. Just say “thank you.”

One more thing: You may be a foothold. Don’t get your hopes up, but its possible. if you’re not sure, thank you anyway.


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