It’s Okay to be a Stereotype

Everyone is saying, “Be different! Be unique!” in America, at least.

I think they’re trying to be encouraging.

I’m fine with people not being afraid to be different or unique, but what if I’m a stereotype? Am I supposed to be unique, too? In my opinion, there is too much pressure surrounding us to be different, even crazy- but maybe that’s just me. No one is willing to admit that he or she is a stereotype, despite the fact that there are many stereotypes out there for anyone fit into.

I’m not saying that a person can be wholly defined by a stereotype. One can analyze one-dimentional characters in books, movies, and shows with stereotypes, but simply because only a small portion of any personality can be portrayed in media. Unlike a character, a real person can fit into any number of stereotypes, because real people are so multi-dementional. Thus, I think, anyone can fit in at least one stereotype.

The dilemma still stands, though. So yeah, she’s happy-go-lucky, he’s emo, she’s a geek, he’s a hipster. What’s my problem? Not sticking out. Identifying with a group of people. From the outside, I am sure it sounds silly, but I feel so predictable. It’s like crying at a sad movie; appropriate, but embarrassing.

Maybe I just don’t like the idea of being a storybook character. Having people read my life. Being narrated.

I’m afraid this is somewhat of a cliff hanger. My only encouragement here is that, even if I can only be described with stereotypes, I alone have the unique blend of stereotypes that make me up. Also that, maybe, no one else cares.


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