My Favorite Ideas

I offer you a small concept. I know it’s not much, but maybe there is some meaning in it.

When you think, what medium do you think in? Some people think in words, others in video (as if watching a play or a movie), others in pictures, and still others with more abstract ideas. I don’t know about other mediums to think with, I have only experienced those I just named. These three thought mediums are very hard to translate into other mediums. Imagine having an abstract idea, and trying to communicate it using only words.

The three basic mediums (words, pictures, video) are easier to translate into ‘reality’ because they actually exist in the outside world. Abstract ideas take a talented and skilled artist/writer/filmmaker/speaker to communicate to another person’s brain. I believe abstract ideas cannot exist completely as words, or the like, but can only use them as a sort of bridge to get across to another persons thoughts. Does this make sense? Use this blog post as an example. I started with an abstract idea about thoughts and mediums and now I set out to try to transfer my idea to your thoughts. These words don’t fully describe my idea in all its fulness, but once I have given you these words it is up to you to fill in the blanks.

As an artist, it is my passion to transfer abstract ideas to different mediums, such as paint, pencil, pen, words. I eagerly await the day that I can effectively translate my ideas to paper, or whatever it is that I am using.

Out of all the ideas I have had, my favorites are the ones that are hardest to communicate to others. You cannot experience an abstract idea anywhere other than in your thoughts. This is encouragement enough for me to have as many abstract ideas as possible.

Thank you.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Ideas

  1. EXACTLY. Exactly, exactly, exactly. I usually think in words or “video,” and then when I have to go and try to explain it to someone else…gah! Words usually work the best for me, but even then, it’s not fully explained, like you said.

    • Another mistake I have made when translating a thought into words or a painting or something else is elaborating too much on the thought, so that it is transformed into something else. One of the things I love about blogging is that, for the most part, we have a common language; words.

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