For Your Age

People say it all the time.

You’re tall for your age.

Smart for your age.

Serious for your age.

Fit for your age.

Good for your age.

Again, People say it all the time. Is it just me or should goals and achievements be available for all ages? I don’t know. Maybe I think too much… for my age.

What can I do to transcend the standards? Can being really amazing let me shed that phrase, “for your age? Obviously, the age standard isn’t the only one. There is the race standard, background standard, Everything can be used that way. The age standard is just the one that hits me hardest. Everyone who uses the specific standard, for your age, means it well, of course. But you know us teens, able to take anything the wrong way. Oh, wait- I just used the age standard.

See how easy it is?

“The age standard” is just a name I use for a certain form of prejudice. Prejudice isn’t going away. People will always have differences, therefore people will always hold standards to other, different people. Is it bad that people are different from each other? By no means! The only flaw in the system is the people.

To get back to the original point (and the title of this post) I’d like to say that as long as people are different ages there will be an age standard. I will never grow out of that tag, “for your age”, much less prejudice in general. However, no one else will, either, so why why bother?

This seems to be a rather cynical take on things, but that is just how I, specifically, am. I am not cynical for my age, nor for anything else. And I am not going to pretend to be “like everyone else my age” so that I fit into the age standard. That isn’t the point.

I cannot outrun the age standard, but I can nullify it with disbelief. What other people say about me, or how they compare me to others “like me” should not matter to me, especially not as much as it does now. I am writing a monologue about how much it bugs me. The effects of the age standard only hurt me if I let them do so.


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