Lighten up (episode 1)

This is a part one of my short story serial, Lighten up. It isn’t really for anyone’s benefit, other than mine. The writing probably isn’t that good. However, writing these was a great way to vent, so at least one of us wins.

You don’t have to read this, in fact, you can just skip over to see if I’ve posted anything else, because chances are, I have. Enjoy! (If you want to)

Open with Skye and Jake sitting at Jake’s counter. Skye is hunching over with her head resting on her hands. Jake is holding a coffee mug and a carton of orange juice.

Jake gets up and puts away the orange juice (unseen). He comes back with mug and sits down in silence.

Jake(concerned) : What’s up, Skye?

Skye: Not me.

Jake: What’s that supposed to mean? (Skye looks down)

What’s wrong?

Skye: Well…, (she sighs) I was just really mean to Kelly at her party.

Jake: Oh.

…is she okay?

Skye: I don’t know. I wasn’t that mean, I just-

…well, It was so embarrassing.

Jake: How so? It’s over now.

Skye: Well, yeah, but now everyone that was there thinks I’m just some bratty brat that Kelly invited.

Jake: Okay, sure.

Skye: And Kelly looked bad because I was her friend and all her other friends are gonna remember what I was like…

Jake: That’s not true-

Skye(quickly): I can just see them now; maybe Kelly and her other friends are at lunch and one of those popular girls is saying, (in a high-pitched mimicking voice) “Oh, yeah, what was up with that girl, Skye? What’s her problem?”

Jake: Skye, come on-

Skye (eyes watering): I wouldn’t be surprised if Kelly never invited me over again… at least while her other friends are there.

Jake: Are you hearing yourself? Skye, you’re being way too overdramatic.

Skye(mumbling): Well, you asked.

Jake put’s down coffee cup and shoves it slightly away.

Jake: I don’t think it should matter this much to you. (Skye sighs) I mean, why don’t you just talk to Kelly? She isn’t going to disown you over something like that.

Skye: Yeah, yeah. I know. But Kelly’s awesome and I humiliated her in front of all her guests…

Jake: Come on, I know it’s not that bad. You aren’t that mean.

Skye: Well, I thought so too, but here we are.

Jake: You aren’t mean, you just think too much. I’m sure no one is talking about what you said or did to Kelly.

Skye: Yeah. I think too much.

A slight pause as Skye and Jake stare straight ahead.

Skye: I wonder what Kelly is doing right now.

Jake nods and silently takes a sip from his coffee mug. Another two-second pause as Skye and Jake stare ahead. Skye looks up, takes a deep breath, exhales, and looks toward Jake. She peeks into his mug.

Skye: Can I have some Orange juice, too?

Jake (quietly): (takes a deep breath)Yeah.

Jake stands up and walks away, out of sight.


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