Lighten up (episode 2)

This is a part two of my short story serial, Lighten up. It isn’t really for anyone’s benefit, other than mine. The writing probably isn’t that good. However, writing these was a great way to vent, so at least one of us wins.

You don’t have to read this, in fact, you can just skip over to see if I’ve posted anything else, because chances are, I have. Enjoy! (If you want to)

Open with Skye and Shea on the soccer field.

Skye: Thanks for training with me. I know this is only an informal tournament, but thanks anyway for the “coaching”.

Shea: No problem, Skye. Kelly was telling me that you’re pretty good already. I’m so glad another girl is joining the soccer tournament!

Skye: Me, too, and I hear you can scrimmage with the best of the boys!

Shea: (laughs) Yeah, well, enough flattery- let’s get started. Just let me know if you need a breather, or if you feel like the training is too strenuous.

Cut and open again at Jake’s counter. Skye and Jake are sitting, Skye with her face in her hands and Jake with a coffee mug.

Jake: And…?

Skye: (Looks up, with red eyes and nose. She sniffs) That was it.

Jake: What was the problem? Did you freak out when she started using words like “flattery” and “strenuous”? …because you did use “scrimmage”.

Skye: (gives a small laugh) No, this is serious!

Jake: So? I don’t see anything wrong with what she said. Or was it something you said?

Skye: No, no. She treated me like a girl!

Jake: You are a girl.

Skye: I know that! I mean that she treated me the way everyone treats girls. Like, she said, “Let me know if you feel like you’re totally failing”.

Jake: Come on, you’re exaggerating.

Skye: Yeah, maybe I am. But everyone thinks girls are horrible at sports…

Jake: Go on. I’m not saying you’re right, just go on.

Skye: Well, if anyone would give me a chance to be as good as a boy, shouldn’t it be Shea? Shea is, like, the ultimate tomboy!

Skye drops her head into her hands again as Jake takes a spoon and stirs the contents of his mug.

Jake: (sighs) Well, for starters, Shea has more experience than you- or than anyone I know for that matter. She might have just said that because you are a beginner. (Skye collapses on table dramatically) And also, you’re making to big of a deal. Are you really as good at soccer as the boys in the tournament?

Skye: (Lifting her head slowly from the counter) I’m as good as some of them…

Jake: Well, I’m just saying, get some perspective. I think you just took Shea’s words the wrong way.

Um, when was the tournament?

Skye: (wipes nose) It finished a couple weeks ago. My team got third place out of five, but only because our goalie was sick.

Jake (slightly incredulous): Wow, and you still worry about that moment? Shea has already seen the real you. She knows what you really are capable of! Now she can’t think you are worth less than you are.

Skye: (slouches)Yeah.

Jake: So, even if you were right, not saying you were-

Skye(hastily, throwing her arms up in despair): I know, I know!

Jake doesn’t respond, and Skye stares straight ahead. She sighs. Skye looks over into Jake’s mug and silently gets up. After walking off somewhere unseen, She returns with a fork and hands it to Jake. He takes it and stabs it into something in his coffee mug. As he pulls the fork out, Jake reveals pasta on the end of the fork. He eats it.

Skye: Were you really going to eat that mac’n’cheese with a spoon?

Jake continues chewing.


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