Lighten up (episode 3)

This is a part three of my short story serial, Lighten up. It isn’t really for anyone’s benefit, other than mine. The writing probably isn’t that good. However, writing these was a way to vent, so at least one of us wins.

You don’t have to read this, in fact, you can just skip over to see if I’ve posted anything else, because chances are, I have. Enjoy! (If you want to)

Open at Jake’s front door. Jake is in the doorway and Skye is silently waiting on the steps.

Jake: What are you doing here?

Skye: I thought we might talk.

Jake: What made you think that?

Skye: I dunno. It’s just, in the past when I’ve talked with you, you’ve made me feel better.

Jake: I don’t suppose we could talk here, can we.

Skye: How about at your counter? And you with your coffee mug?

Jake (sighs and looks at the ground… Quietly): Yeah, okay.

Close and open again at Jake’s counter. Jake is holding his coffee mug. Skye’s eyes are wide, ready, and patient, and her back erect.

Jake: So, (exhales) what’s on your mind, Skye?

Skye: Well, um.

I don’t quite know where to begin.

Jake remains silent and listening. He makes no reaction.

Skye (takes deep breath): Okay, hm. It’s pretty simple, really. I, um, …mm, What should I say?

Jake: Go on.

Skye: Well, I just- nothing is happening. I feel like my day-to-day life is just uneventful.

Jake: So far I’m with you.

Skye: I mean, it’s more than everyday boredom… ugh, I don’t think I can handle another ordinary day. Yes- I know I’m being overdramatic, but it’s the truth!

Jake: So you’re just bored?

Skye: Yes- no! Well, it’s more than that. I don’t know, I just feel great at special events, and even just in a hectic situation, but at the present life just feels like a standstill.

Jake: You say the word “just” too often. You feel something, not “just” something. Your feelings s aren’t something to belittle or swipe away like flies.

Skye: Thanks, Jake, but I am being overdramatic.

Jake: Yes, you are.

Skye: Yeah. (she looks down at the counter)

Jake: (Thinks for a moment) I think you feel distracted during hectic events. Is that an accurate guess?

Skye: Sure. What of it?

Jake: Well, maybe you feel the way you say you do on ordinary days everyday. Did that make sense? And the only relief is when you have something else to do.

Skye: (screwing up her eyes and stubbornly staring at the counter)Hm.

Jake: Hey, you asked me.

Skye: Yeah, I know. You’re probably right.

What am I supposed to do?

Jake: I don’t know.

Skye: Well, these sessions with you have been helpful, anyway.

Jake: Sessions? I never invited you to share your “innermost thoughts”.

Skye: Yeah, sessions. You’re like a conversation therapist.

Jake: Whatever you say, but if I’m a therapist, you owe me money.

Skye: Okay, you’re not a therapist. But thanks all the same.

Jake: Any time Skye.

Skye: Do you think we could do this again sometime? It would really help with the whole “overdramatic” thing.

Jake: (sighs) Yeah, sure.

Skye peers into Jake’s coffee mug, per her custom.

Skye: Do you even own coffee?


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