Carla: She Knew Not When to Stop

Carla wrote everyday. She wrote during lunch hour, alone at the cafeteria table. She wrote with her free time, while all her classmates “hung out” Years passed and nothing changed for Carla. As long as she kept writing everything was the same, and write she did.
In fact, while her classmates became closer friends, Carla grew more in touch with herself. Everyone grew, never mind which direction they grew in. Carla’s classmates laughed, cried, and talked the years away, but Carla simply wrote the years away. Memorable days came and went for Carla’s classmates, but Carla wrote the significance away.
At last (in this chapter of Carla’s life) came the day that Carla and her classmates became no more than people who knew each other’s names. Carla hardly noticed Graduation day. As her soon-to-be-former classmates laughed, cried, dreamed, greeted and spoke, Carla was on her laptop in the girls’ room, writing.
Carla was happy.


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