No, Pocahontas Didn’t Own Mascara

Is it true that all book lovers hate inaccurate film adaptations? Probably.

Is it true that all history lovers hate inaccurate film adaptations? Oh, yes- with a burning passion.

I recently watched a film adaptation of the story of Pocahontas, by Disney. Oh, you’ve heard of it? A part of your childhood, you say? Maybe I’m mishearing you (I do tend to do that quite a bit) but as a child I’m pretty sure you weren’t thinking about inaccuracies with historical fact.

The movie was pretty good; the characters were okay, the world was believable, there was adequate comic relief and everything (And don’t forget the songs every fifteen minutes!), but I just wish that Disney had done more research. Here are some hard facts you probably didn’t know about Pocahontas, thanks to her inaccurate portrayal.

  • She didn’t magically pick up English, through her love of a man named John.
  • Pocahontas married John Rolf (possibly for political reasons)… she and John Smith were on a strict “just friends” basis. There was nothing there, not even a love triangle.
  • She was actually very serious and level-headed, and not a daydreamer with a beautiful voice.
  • In fact, Pocahontas wasn’t very pretty at all. She didn’t English women’s cosmetics (oils, powders, perfumes) and didn’t bathe often*.
  • Pocahontas was baptized in America and christened Rebecca in America, and moved to England, where she lived until her death.

I’ll keep it at five points, because the facts just get more boring from here. However, there are infinite misconceptions surrounding Pocahontas (or should I say, Rebecca Rolf?).

All this to say that, although I don’t agree with the historical inaccuracies of that Disney movie, I did love the art. I was even inspired to draw my own piece based off of the art of the movie.

Oh, the historical inconsistencies.

Oh, the historical inconsistencies.

*To be fair, no one really did at the time.


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