One Grain of Rice

I have been thinking a lot about what it would be like to be a grain of rice. From the start, it seems as though they’re insignificant, one among many being harvested in the fields.

Say, the grain of rice in question was “born” in the south of China, where so many others were being “born”. Even within its own plant the grain of rice is insignificant. One of many. Take that and compare the grain of rice to the entire field. Then compare it to the entire farm. Compare it to all of China. Then compare it to the entire world. A world of rice. I, myself, cannot comprehend the vast number of grains of rice that can fit in just one sack. How many grains of rice, then, are in the world?

And yet rice is so important. Entire cultures are centered around rice as their main food. Ecosystems have been built off of rice. There were one less grain of rice, the world wouldn’t notice, but if there were no rice at all the world would be completely different.
All the same, a grain of rice lead a very glamorous life. It is separated from its plant, then dried for shipping, and packaged-to be shipped somewhere in this giant world. As soon as the rice reach is its destination, it’s there just waiting for something to happen. After however long it waits (a day maybe, or month, or a year) the rice is boiled, steamed, or fried, or all of those.
Some grains of rice are eaten immediately after being cooked, but others are not as lucky. The most unpleasant way to go, as a grain of rice, is to be used to make sushi. Imagine- after all the pain of being cooked, a grain of rice must be rolled tightly up against seaweed, or rice paper, or even raw fish, avocado or something.

Eventually, depending on the consumer’s talent with chopsticks, The grain of rice will be eaten.For your sake, I won’t even begin to describe what it looks like inside of a mouth eating sushi*, but you get the idea. Grains of rice lead hard lives. Now, I never used to envy grains of rice, but now I know that I never will in the future.

*In case you actually were wondering, check this out, to see what my sister posted on the subject.


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