Famous Villains: Captain Hook


I searched for good picture of Captain James Hook online, but was unsatisfied with the results. I decided that, since I couldn’t find an accurate picture, I’d paint him myself.
Here I tried to be as accurate as I could, with accurate period clothing and jewels and gold showing everywhere. I can imagine that a pirate would want to brag about his winnings constantly.

Captain James “Hook” (flaws, traits, and things you probably didn’t know):
When you first meet him, he seems like a cruel, static, stone-hard character (either that or a stupid, bumbling antagonist, if you are watching the classic Disney movie) , but there is truly much more to him than that.

You may or may not have wondered why Captain Hook always wears outstandingly elaborate costumes. After all, he is a pirate. Why does he care about his physical appearance? He is the only pirate I know of that wears traditional wigs, cuffs, piping, three inch collars, handkerchiefs, etc. The most any other pirate I know of has done, cosmetically, is put on tons of eyeliner.
All of these lengths to which Hook will go in order to look respectable are not without rhyme or reason. Despite being a ruthless thief, Captain Hook does have a code of honor.

As a boy, Hook attended a traditional, strict, reputable boarding school. He wasn’t exactly bookish, but nonetheless imprinted by the ever-present set of rules. Another (more prominent) permanent imprint of Hook’s childhood schooldays is the idea of good and bad form.

When we first meet the fearsome captain in Peter Pan, by J. M. Barrie, he introduces himself by killing a member of his crew. I’m sure this is just a show, because despite his ruthless outer nature, Hook is perpetually tormented by the desire to be loyal to good form.

I don’t remember why Hook became a pirate at all. Piracy may be the occupation least fitting for a man obsessed with good form.

The only thing that Hook is absolutely sure of is Peter Pan. Peter cut off Hook’s left hand, and fed it to a crocodile along with Hooks favorite clock. If that isn’t bad form, what is? Needless to say, Hook is bent on foiling Peter’s and the lost boy’s mischievous plots.

Correct my facts if you must, but only if you have read the book.

Notes: Yes, I know I haven’t posted in a week, but, in my defense, 1) a week isn’t that bad, and 2) I painted Captain Hook.


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