My Latest Obsession: Early Stages

Introducing my obsession. If you have read my most recent post, you know that my latest obsession is a new style I have developed. Here are some photos of the different stages of this style:
(First, the finished product)



Alright, let’s get started.

Phase one.

Pencil: this is the three-part phase in which I sketch the skeleton, outline the body roughly, and make the first lines of the hair and clothes. Also, I make guidelines on the face, to help me with the placement of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Phase two:

Pen: I outline the final lines here. This is where the drawing starts to become more defined, and easily the most intimidating phase. I also draw the face and add eyelashes. As a side note, anything that isn’t added in phase two doesn’t end up in the final product.

Phase three:

Color: this is my favorite phase. If any leftover pencil lines haven’t been erased in phase two, I erase them now. And I color in the outlines, hence the name. I have used colored pencils to this point, but am planning on trying out watercolor.

My favorite part of the finished product is the shading around the eyes and on the face. I love using fantastical colors, such as blue, for blush.


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