Switching Gears

Okay, I figured that I should let you in on what has partially been hindering me from posting and commenting very often, lately. Here’s the deal.
It’s been harder to post personal thoughts because more people that I know in real life have been following me, and I’d been getting to know my virtual friends better as well. It’s just harder to post thoughts and ideas to readers who have never met me before and will likely never see me in person. That way, their view of me can’t be altered by what I posted. The Dreamer HQ me is the only one they know of. Also, they can’t see whatever I post through a lens of the version of me they already know. I don’t act the same way on Dreamer HQ as I do in reality*.
I can’t say that only good things can result from sharing my thoughts. Thats obviously a long shot. But how is keeping this side of me hidden helping me any more than being honest?
I think I am making to big a deal about this. I know for sure that I care too much. That happens a lot.

I keep forgetting that not everyone dwells on things like I do. After one semi-extraordinary incident I will never see anything the same again. I’ll remember one slightly important moment forever. Not so much for others, I’m told. The thing is, while I, myself, can’t forget what I said here, I can make a friend/follower forget. If I pretend to forget my other side, or something I did, a friend will forget, too. That’s the theory, anyway.

*But what is reality? (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)


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