More on the Alien (pt 1)

Meredith, what’s your favorite thing?

Oh, that’s easy. My favorite thing is the complexity of reality despite its not-necessary-ness? the fact that it didn’t have to exist.*

See, however you believe the world got started (I believe in Creation, so this post will be affected by this, the basis of my thought), it didn’t necessarily have to end up this way. And yet, here it is; the infinity of existence in all it’s fullness. I know people marvel at how complex the universe is, but I don’t think they fully know how splendid it really is.
The thing is, whatever a scholar spends his life studying is complex enough to marvel at; be it a science, an art, or even a family history. Even still, so many things exist that it is undoubtably impossible to know it all, or even understand how much there is.
Consider, for instance, breakfast cereal. A fairly recent invention, breakfast cereal derived from mash, a dish long served exclusively to horses. I encourage you, look breakfast cereal up. It has a fascinating history, especially considering its present success. One could take a lifetime studying the cereal itself, or the history of its founders, or the philosophical application of its rise to power, and you’d just be studying one component of one culture.
You could so study anything, the mechanics of baskets, the history of narwhals impersonating unicorns, the reason why nearly every culture has its own personalized version of bread, and don’t get me started on scientific theory. Lives have been spent studying the previously mentioned, and obviously many more subjects, and how much do we really know about the universe? I’d say we’ve barely scratched the surface.
That is enough to meditate on for a while, with a cup of tea and some headphones, but the incredible thing is that none of this had to exist. The universe could have just been born a vast grey plane, a little shapeless blob of nothing, or even one dimensional, or something, but it ended up this complex, inverted, tangled, beautiful home of ideas.
Ideas, old, young, physical, mental, emotional, invisible, and even incorrect, at times.
You have art, music, and invention, yes, but even the things that aren’t so obviously beautiful as well. There are billions upon billions of words, feelings, little subconscious acts happening at once. Sometimes the most wonderful things are the ones that last merely one moment, only to be forgotten the next moment. There isn’t enough collective thought in the universe to record every-single-thing, let alone learn it all over again. I will never cease to be dumbfounded by how vastly giant even the littlest thing is.

*This actually happened, by the way. I could have just as easily said, “peanut butter.”

Footnote: yes, you did read “pt 1” in the title. I couldn’t fit all my thoughts here, so expect some more raving in the future.


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