If a Tree Falls…

If a tree falls in the forest, but no one is around to hear it does it make a sound? Okay, the theory is that, since a sound is, by definition, the brain translating air waves, the tree does not make a sound. I am fascinated by how, with no one to receive it, a sound simply cannot exist.

Here are some questions based off of the well-known proverb:

If a man saves a life, but nobody sees him is he a hero?
If someone makes a joke, but nobody gets it is he clever?
It’s a girl wears makeup, but nobody notices her is she pretty?
It’s a scientist discovers the truth, but nobody understands him is he a genius?

I, personally, don’t make jokes to be clever. I make jokes so that others think I’m clever. I guess that’s not bad. What’s the point of being clever, if you are the only one to appreciate it?
I’m not worth my own cleverness. What does it mean if I need someone else to appreciate my cleverness in order to be legitimately clever? Doesn’t my own opinion matter to me? Why is it that my opinion is only legitimate if someone else agrees? Does the approval of my mere self not matter?


You could live next door to a lovely person and never speak to them. You could never meet them, or be effected by them directly. But maybe they did something that changed the world. maybe they did one little thing and accidentally saved your life? You may owe your life to them and never know it… Okay, maybe you’ve heard stories like that before. I certainly have. But does a person have to effect you to be a person? Isn’t an unaccomplished person just as legitimate, if not important, as one who saved the world?


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