Knowing vs. Believing

What is the difference between Knowing and Believing?
Is knowing believing with facts?
Is believing just knowing but not being sure?
I’ll use the example of Peter Pan. Whenever a child said, “I don’t believe in fairies,” a fairy died, so in order to kill Tinkerbell, Captain Hook yelled those words at her. What does it mean to believe in fairies? Hook had actually seen Tink, and she actually existed. He had undoubtable proof of it. How is believing in fairies different than knowing they exist? Upon much contemplation, I could find only one difference.
Knowing is believing when you are considered right by the vast majority of the people around you. It gets complicated with past tense narrative because usually in that case knowing is believing when the vast majority of the audience agrees. In any case it all depends on the whether or not you agree with the general populous. I chose my definition over “knowing is believing when you’re right” because there is so much we don’t know or can’t rule out in this world that I can’t accept that definition. How real is reality?
Who am I to say that you aren’t the only person that ever existed, and everything is just your imagination? Who am I to say that there is an edge to the universe? Who am I to say that all we see is all that exists?
All I’m saying is that no one can prove anything, he can only convince others to believe him… And how true can those beliefs be? We all know that humans, as a race, can be quite gullible.


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