No Apologies, No Excuses

This post is to assure you that I still exist, and that I haven’t forgotten about you. Yeah, I know that I go on and off of this, with stretches of loyal commitment and stretches of irresponsible neglect. I do.
Anyway, I have some posts in the works, and tons of art to post. I’ll post soon, and consistently.

As proof of my keeping promises, here is some art I promised to put up a while ago. (That’s right, Joe, if you’re reading this. I told you I’d post it on Sunday, and it’s Saturday… About a month later.) Here it is; a portrait of me drawn by my friend Joe.



Therapy Session (unfinished!!)

💛Why am I here?
💙You know why.
💛Capri booked this session. Why?
💙Why don’t you tell me? Do you have any idea of what might have caused Capri to organize this meeting?
💛… Because I’m weird.
💛Because she doesn’t want to deal with my problems. Because I freak her out.
💙Okay, I- well, okay. Please continue.
… How so?
💙 Just explain why you feel like you are, as you say, weird. Why you think you freak Capri out.
💛Well, you can tell that I’m different, can’t you?
💙We’re here for you, not me.
💛Right, right. Therapy session.
💙Exactly, a therapy session, not an interrogation.
💙Go on.
💛Oh, yes. Why I freak Capri out.
… Um, I don’t know. I don’t -really- follow the rules. Don’t report me, or anything, but I wear black and don’t have all the regulation gear. You know. I don’t care about any of that stuff.
💙*Hem* Okay. Erm, alright. Uh, /why/ don’t you care?
💛I don’t know! Why do you care?
💙Remember, this session is for you, not me. Just lower you voice, /please/.
💛Well, then. I just think all that stuff (regulation, basically all those rules about what to wear, do, weigh)- they’re just stupid, you know?
💛*sigh* Okay.

💛Anything else?
💙No… I suppose we could finish up… We still have a couple minutes…
💛I’m fine with finishing early. I’ll drop myself off at home.
💙… Okay…
…Do you feel any better?

Arms; a look into my wandering mind

Where do the arms go?
Lately I’ve noticed a reoccurring problem with me and my drawings. I have no idea where to put the arms. I’ll gave a dynamic and interesting pose otherwise (a curved spine, uneven weight distribution, all that) but the arms don’t really fit into the picture. It’ll look a little like this:

Assuming you weren’t born armless, you’ve probably relied on your arms all your life, to communicate and perform simple and complicated tasks. They seem to be the most useful, if not important, limbs attached to one’s body. Why, then, is it difficult for me to find a place for them? Arms are certainly purposeful. One might argue that they symbolize purpose. However, they seem to me to serve different functions than legs or feet. If you think of the body as separated into four sections, like so:

… Sections one, two, and three are part of one sweeping line. The arms are not “connected”. The spine, the legs, the neck- they all exist with purpose built in. Section one supports two and two supports three. Three’s purpose is to point to the focus of the drawing. Section four (the arms) seems to serve no purpose as it doesn’t support anything.
This is only the case for drawings of people simply “posing”. If you give the subject an umbrella, the arms finally have purpose.
I suppose the answer to this dilemma is to throw a prop into the picture. Maybe I can keep a character’s arms empty without putting his hands in his pockets or floating them whimsically around. Maybe the only thing I need is to find the secret to purpose…
… But until then,


Opinions Welcome!

I’m feeling reasonably open minded right now, which is good for all you opinionated folks. In fact, I really feel like listening to your opinions. That’s why, out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve created a category of “opinions welcome” posts. Of course, your opinions are always welcome at the HQ, but these posts are written specifically to share opinions and new perspectives.

Topic: happy endings (in media)

My opinion: While nothing has to have a happy ending to be a valid work of art, I have nothing against happy endings. On a less safe note, I don’t like endings that are completely resolved, or simply, “the end”. I like the idea that life goes on, even after this particular installment of a story. Say the story covers a year of time. An average life could contain ninety such stories.
Okay, I think I just described what one might call a realistic ending. However, I do like metaphorical, fairy tale endings. Realistic doesn’t mean depressing. For example, I like the ending to the story of Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) in which Alice ends up back at home, her life unchanged apart from the influence of her memories. So great.
The thing is, I am perpetually torn between cynical reality and whimsical originality. The only thing I can agree with myself on is that I don’t like endings that are overused, trying too hard, and/or drowning in cheese.

Your Job: Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me I’m right. Tell me you have your own ideas. Better yet, have a debate with me in the comments section. Whatever you do, don’t ignore me, because that would be disappointing and pretty embarrassing.

Last Page Drama

I just finished filling up my sketchbook today. Obviously, the last drawing couldn’t be just any old sketch, could it? No! I had to make a time lapse video of my last drawing in this sketchbook, duh. Based off of this idea, the Square Inch Drawing,

I created this video; enjoy!

Note: I used a makeshift tripod to get the right angle, mainly composed of a lamp. Also, I forgot to add music, so just imagine the song, Breathe Me, by Sia, in the background.

Sketches and Updates

Introducing… Some pen and ink drawings of varying levels of quality and finished-ness.

20130628-155337.jpg I like this one, although the little boy’s face seems wrong, somehow. I’d love some feedback on that.

I love this shamefully incomplete drawing, but can’t seem to find the drive to finish it. I think it looks better from far away.

In other news, I’m starting a category of short stories called “Not Quite”, starting with the Not Quite Pinnochio. My plan is to steal the basic premise and characters of classic fairy tales and make them do what I say. Kind of like a film adaptation, but with short stories. Anyway, I might split up Pinnochio into three parts. We’ll see how it goes.

To Do “Something Good”

Basically, there are two trains of thought (relevant to this post). For now, all this refers to art, specifically my own.
Train 1: Do your very best. Get out of your comfort zone. Hone your skills now, while you can. If you do that, you’ll go far, and you’ll be better for it and well prepared when things get serious.
Train 2: Don’t rush things. Enjoy this freedom while you can; you won’t always be a kid. You won’t always have summers and weekends free. You won’t always be able to rely on your parents.
I often find myself in this position: I need to work on drawing guys… And feet… And ears… And tongues… But I want to draw eyes! I want to draw dresses and fairies, mermaids, princesses, pretty faces, and, well, the stuff that comes easily to me.

Sometimes Train 1 wins the battle (I could use a nice change of pace), and sometimes Train 2 does (Hey, there are no rules! Do what you want!). I don’t usually lean to one train or the other. This is saying a lot; I am usually quite biased. However, this subject seems to elude even my most prejudiced of opinions.

The odd thing is that I don’t prefer either one. I love my drawings of fairies and princesses just as much as those of hands and feet. It’s a totally even battle. I think I’ll break it down to pros and cons (it helps me think).

Train 1:
•benefits my future self.
•gives me variety.
•pushes me out of my comfort zone.

•sets me up for failure.
•frankly, it’s just hard.
•requires more of a commitment

Train 2:
•it’s fun.
•encourages inspiration.
•it’s easier.

•provides less of a chance to grow (however, I still can grow in my comfort zone)

Where do you stand in the debate?

My Relationship with Writing (TCWT prompt)

I am so excited about this month’s prompt. It’s the kind of question I love to ask myself and answer. Enough beating around the beaver.
Here’s the prompt:

“How have both the people in your life and your own personal experiences impacted your writing? Do you ever base characters off of people you know?”

To even begin to answer the first question, I must stress that I didn’t get here, to this specific point, of my own accord. Everything that is at the present, even with regards to my writing, couldn’t have come to be without contact with an outside force. Oh, yeah what was it that Newton taught us? An object at a constant velocity tends to remain at that velocity without contact with an outside force.

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