Opinions Welcome!

I’m feeling reasonably open minded right now, which is good for all you opinionated folks. In fact, I really feel like listening to your opinions. That’s why, out of the kindness of my heart, I’ve created a category of “opinions welcome” posts. Of course, your opinions are always welcome at the HQ, but these posts are written specifically to share opinions and new perspectives.

Topic: happy endings (in media)

My opinion: While nothing has to have a happy ending to be a valid work of art, I have nothing against happy endings. On a less safe note, I don’t like endings that are completely resolved, or simply, “the end”. I like the idea that life goes on, even after this particular installment of a story. Say the story covers a year of time. An average life could contain ninety such stories.
Okay, I think I just described what one might call a realistic ending. However, I do like metaphorical, fairy tale endings. Realistic doesn’t mean depressing. For example, I like the ending to the story of Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) in which Alice ends up back at home, her life unchanged apart from the influence of her memories. So great.
The thing is, I am perpetually torn between cynical reality and whimsical originality. The only thing I can agree with myself on is that I don’t like endings that are overused, trying too hard, and/or drowning in cheese.

Your Job: Tell me I’m wrong. Tell me I’m right. Tell me you have your own ideas. Better yet, have a debate with me in the comments section. Whatever you do, don’t ignore me, because that would be disappointing and pretty embarrassing.


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